theJuice was an intrapreneurship project I led in 2017.

Our goal was to create a platform for teachers that could create visual content in seconds for their students. We used NLP and achieved awesome results.

We spent a whole year in the platform and I contributed as Product owner and Product designer, and all the tasks related to launching your own startup: marketing, pitching, sales…

different canvas for thejuice project

2 persona profiles on a blue background

Line explaining the customer experience

thejuice screen where users can look for any person

thejuice screen were the NLP has selected the most important sentences

theJuice screen were teachers can select a template

image of a desktop and a mobile image showing an infographic about Freddy Mercury

4 marketing pieces on a blue background

You can see here the three different products we launched:

If you want to know more about the ups and downs of the project, contact me and I’ll tell you all the secret stuff.

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alexa device on a blue background
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