In this project, I collaborated with a big publisher on the creation of an Alexa Skill for learning English.

The challenge

Make the best out of voice technology to bring an English lesson to an Alexa device.

The publisher had plenty of books and digital content, countless hours of voice recorded lessons and tons of experiences on teaching materials.

How can we take all that content and help students improve their language skills?

My approach

The research

I researched the different existing solutions to better understand how we could build our approach.

I also used role-play with the client and students as a qualitative research tool.

The voice solution

Thanks to the research and the different workshops, I proposed to focus on improving the listening and comprehension skills of users. We went for the following customer experience:

customer experience in 5 steps

With the customer experience defined I worked on a high-level functional. With this diagram we can a have the big picture of how the resources are used and accessed, and how the leveling works:

interaction flowchart for the whole experience

For a user accessing the experience for the first time, the agent will behave as in the following interaction:

Happy path for the first conversation

For helping us having a consistent experience and wording I created an assistant personality, that matches our target users:

assistant personality for the Alexa Skill

The multimodal design

With the voice experience defined I designed how users would interact in multimodal devices in three main views:

screen for users to select their level

screen showing the possible answers of a question

screen showing the student results

If you want to know more about some of the problems we faced, send me an email to and start the conversation.

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