Lince was a platform for helping to make decisions on technology. The platform was scraping different sources of information like Github, Crunchbase or Twitter, and transforming that info into visual outputs. With that information customers had objective input about technologies.

I contributed to this project as a product designer, doing research, wireframing, prototyping, testing and visual design.

After 50 interviews with people in the tech industry, I realized that the project should focus on CTOs as they were struggling the most with the problem.

User Persona de Lince

business model canvas for Lince

I worked in the information architecture for the platform simplifying the interaction and focusing on the more critical hypothesis we needed to validate.

arquitectura de información del proyecto

With that in mind, I worked on the wireframes for the 6 most needed views.

flujo de pantallas con wireframes

And their visual design:

Pantalla buscador Lince

Página desambiguación Lince

Diagrama radar Lince

Diagrama de evolución en Lince

Lince was a one year project and obviously it had many more up and downs. If you want to know more about it, drop me a line and start a conversation.

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