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Hi! I am Jesús.

Stay with me if you are interested in Conversational and Voice Interfaces, Tech Products and UX Design.

In 2010 I started working in digital projects, trying to figure out how will humanity interact with technology in the future.

2015 was the year I fell in love with chatbots, voice assistants, and every conversational interface.

In 2018 I joined Amazon as the Alexa VUI designer for France, Italy, and Spain. In 2020 I moved to Alexa Auto, shaping the future of interaction in the car.

If you want to know more about my experience or education you can check my LinkedIn profile.

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My services:

If you need help on a digital project this is what I can help you with:


Full heuristic review on how your interface is performing. With my evaluation you will get an extensive report on where your interaction is failing, ideas on how to reduce the different frictions, and additional features that will help you achieve your goal in the user interaction.


You know that Alexa, Google, Siri, the chatbots and the rest of conversational interfaces are part of your future. I can help you define that future, and get you focus on what's is going to be the next big thing to focus on the conversational world.


You know what you want to build, the use case is perfectly defined and you need someone to bring those ideas to a final design. Let me help you with a full design, solving the different features that you have in mind and the best scripts to meet your user needs.


Scale your skills with a crafted training for you and your team. If you want to get the best design tips, practices, patterns and tools for conversatinal interactions we can work together on a training adapted to your needs. Get all the knowledge from an Alexa expert!


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