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Hi! I am Jesus.
Stay with me if you are intereseted in Conversational Interfaces, Tech Products and UX Design.

In 2010 I started working in digital projects and at some point I started worrying about how we will interact with digital products in the future.

Some of my articles had become quite popular in the chatbot industry and thanks to that I have been invited as a speaker in several events in Spain and Europe.


I share most of my findings in these two blogs

Education & Experience

It is hard to summarize a whole life in a few hints, but here you have some highlights

Advertising background

I took my degree in Advertising and Public Relatioships, studied a couple of Master in Creativity and work in several Advertising Companies.

2004 - 2010

Digital awakeness

In 2010 I joined a digital department where I started to learn what pixels meant and how interaction affects design.

March 2010


From Analytics to Design I had learnt every single tool in the market by 2014. Then I realized that there was something missing. That's why I took a few courses on UX Design to understand how my work could be more meaningfull.

Feb 2014

New HCI research

In 2015 I got a job intervew where I was asked how I would design the interaction with a chatbot. The question was really tricky but it didn't make me run away and I got the job. Since then I have faced really interesting challenges in different interfaces and devices.

Sep 2015

Product Design

Interactions are great but understanding how the whole creation of a product works is incredible. It allows you to really understanding user needs and how to fullfil them. Since 2016 I have started up different products and nothing will stop me from keep doing that.

Jan 2016

What's next?

I enjoy accepting new challenges, which one will be next?

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My Skills

Visual Design

New HCI Design



Product Design

UX Design

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Lets Meet!

I am based in Madrid, but I would consider relocating.

Feel free to contact me in my email.

E-mail :hola@jesusmartin.eu

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